School Hours

Our school hours are from 06h45 to 17h45, Mondays to Fridays including school holidays. We are closed on public holidays and during the festive season for 15 working days in December/January. We advise our parents timeously of the dates.

Our Menu

We have a two-weekly menu. This can be viewed under documents. Kids who do not eat pork or beef, get chicken viennas on Fridays, and the vegetables and starch on the other days.

The breakfast is served every morning at 08:00. Classes start promptly at 08:30, therefore we request parents not to drop off children late. Teachers are then busy with classes and cannot serve breakfast.

Lesson Themes

Our lessons are based on themes. The themes for the whole year are prepared in advance and placed in the communication book of the child. The purpose of this is to inform the parent what the theme for the week is, and to encourage the parent to contribute to the theme by means of magazines, examples or any other information in the ongoing parent-child interaction.


The purpose of this notebook is to be a form of communication. Teachers write notes to parents, and they may respond. Parents are also welcome to check issues and communicate directly with the teacher before class.

We do not disturb teachers during class time: 08:30 - 10:00 and 11:00 – 12:00. If you are concerned about your child, you may phone before or after these times. If any medical condition occurs, it is our policy to contact the parents first. Therefore, it is vitally important that your cell phone contact details are always updated at the office.


The school consists of 9 classes:

  • 3 Grade R classes
  • 2 five year old classes
  • 2 four year old classes
  • 1 three year old class
  • 1 two year old class.

​Our Teachers

All the teachers have university degrees or college diplomas or appropriate qualifications for their duties in the school.

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