School Policy

In accordance with the Gauteng Department of Education, no formal reading or writing may be taught before Grade 1. Only incidental reading and writing may take place. Hence we have the word “window” on a window and “door” on a door, and so on.

The prime objective of preschools is to develop gross-motor muscles. Hence the large number of jungle gyms, swings and monkey bars on the playground. The children must develop their body posture and muscle tone to enable them to sit and concentrate from 08:00 – 13:00 in primary school. Therefore: lots of movement!

Equally important is to develop fine-motor muscles. This will enable them to write properly once they are in “big school”.

Because development takes place with leaps and bounds, the policy in our school is to place children in their classes according to age: 4 year olds in the 4 year old class, 5 year olds in the 5 year old class, and so on. Therefore in our Grade R classes we only have children who turn 6 during the year. Exceptions are extremely rare.

To substantiate the previous point, children’s concentration span is very short when they are young. At the age of 2 it is about 5 min, and increases up to 20 min when they are 5 – 6 years old. Again, to put such a child in primary school where they must concentrate for much longer periods, is not matching their development level yet and is premature.

It is our policy that only people, who have been appointed to collect kids, may do so. I you are sending someone in your stead, please inform the office. It will save us giving you a phone call.

Again, for security reasons, the gate will be closed from 08:30 and no cars may enter after that. Please use the intercom.

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